Choose an Electric Transporter Vehicle For Your Business

Whether you own a large commercial fleet or operate a small family business, it is imperative you consider what type of transporter van you purchase. Volkswagen is a dependable brand used across the world by many commercial fleets. VW transporter vehicles are durable, reliable, and gas efficient. However, with the new growing environmental concerns and ever-increasing gas prices, many business owners are looking toward the future.

In 2015, the UK government put in place a goal for nearly all vehicles to have a zero emission standard. They want to move away from selling conventional gas-guzzling vehicles and are looking for alternative methods of transportation. While electric cars are more expensive than conventional vehicles, they are an investment to meet this standard.


When you purchase an electric VW transporter, you are investing in your business’s future. It would be very disappointing to buy vehicles that will be phased out by the government. They will be near useless. Since 2019, the Ultra Low Emission Zone has been put in place in areas like central London. It requires vehicles to have much lower exhaust emission standards than surrounding areas.

If you do not meet these standards, your business may be charged a fee. With an electric VW transporter fleet, you do not have to worry you are not meeting regulations. You can eliminate fines and penalties knowing that your fleet meets the regulatory requirements. You will also not be required to purchase new vehicles as laws begin to tighten.

Cost Efficient

Electric vans are much cheaper to run than petroleum-run vehicles. If you consider how many miles to the gallon a fully loaded transporter vehicle costs and compare it to the cost per mile of electricity, electricity is much lower. On average, it costs less than two pounds per mile or approximately 3.2 pounds per kilometre.

Easy to Drive

Electric vehicles are very easy to operate. In general, you will be required to accelerate and brake. You do not have to switch gears like a standard car. You will also notice they run much smoother than petroleum based cars. Drivers will be pleased with how quiet the vehicle is. Because electric vehicles are quieter, the driver can hear on-coming emergency vehicles better. They will also be more aware of their surroundings because they can hear potential issues. With diesel or other transporter vehicles, it is much harder to hear over the engine.