A Guide to Motorcycle Touring in Australia

Many would say there’s no finer place to ride an endurance motorcycle that the vast wilderness that is Australia, and there are many accomplished trail riders who would have to agree with that. Yet to tackle the Aussie outback, one does need the right motorcycle, along with a whole host of extras.

The Bike

The ideal bike for touring Australia is one that has the ability to handle the off-road trails and the roads; it needs to be extremely durable, have more than enough power, and if you want the perfect endurance motorcycle, look no further than the awesome Yamaha Tenere 700, which is built for long tours on rough terrain.

The features on this machine include the following:

  • Durable twin 4-Stroke parallel twin engine (689cc)
  • Lightweight double cradle tubular steel frame
  • Fully adjustable suspension (front & rear)
  • 16 litre capacity fuel tank – Giving a range of over 350km

This bike is the result of extensive testing in the field and for a person who wishes to take on long tours, this is the perfect machine.

Panniers for Storage

Your local Yamaha dealer would have a range of panniers and tank bags that will allow you to pack everything you need, plus a sturdy backpack-style bag that is strong enough to withstand a spill. This will mean you can pack your tent, sleeping bag, lights, devices and anything else you might want to take with you.

Getting Around

Thanks to Google Maps and other equally efficient mapping apps, there’s no excuse for getting lost, plus there are online maps of every part of the country, all in great detail. Ideally, you want to install a smartphone holder on your handlebars, which will allow you to navigate while on the move, which will always ensure that you know where you are.

Solar Energy

If you want to be really independent when out on the road, simply search online for a camping supplier and purchase a solar blanket and a small deep cycle battery, which can be fitted into one of the panniers. This will give you a few hours of power when you need it, and for what it costs, having your own clean energy source is well worth the investment.

Protective Clothing & Equipment

You should invest in a set of leathers, which will offer you the best form of body protection in the event of an accident. Either a full-face helmet or an open face unit with goggles are also necessary, as are a good quality pair of gloves and boots with good ankle support. A wet weather suit is something you will need, which is light and can be folded into next to nothing, plus you will need a few camping necessities to make life more comfortable.

With the right motorcycle and all the required gear and equipment, you will have the freedom to head off on two wheels to just about any part of Australia, and there’s no better way to discover the outback than on two wheels.

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