Can a Windshield Shatter on Its Own?

A windshield can break for no apparent reason in some cases. But there is always an explanation.

A windshield can develop a crack or chip due to mechanical stress or extreme temperatures. A windshield can shatter out of the blue if these problems are not addressed.

It is more common to find a cracked or chipped glass than one that has been shattered. While consumers are concerned about what could cause the glass to shatter, they might also wonder if the windshield can crack or chip on its own. A rock striking the windshield can sometimes cause a chip in the glass.

A chipped windshield is often repairable and doesn’t need to be completely replaced. You should take action quickly to prevent a chip from becoming a crack. says that windshields consist of two pieces sandwiched between each other.

A chip may become a crack due to pressure or temperature changes that occur in the normal operation of a car. Water can be found between the two layers. Water can freeze and expand when temperatures are low.

This expansion can cause the windshield to crack further. Low temperatures can cause the glass to contract and cause further cracks. The dirt can also enter a crack in the windshield and wedge itself between two layers of glass.

If there is more than a small chip in the windshield, it may be necessary to replace the entire windshield. This can be a complicated task.

Some windshields can break because of manufacturing errors. If the glass was nicked during installation, the cracks could grow and eventually cause the windshield to break. In addition, the failure to engineer the glass properly can lead to damage or breakage.

Can Other Glass in a Vehicle Shatter on Its Own?

The same problems that cause windshields to shatter can also affect other glass in vehicles. Many consumers have complained about a particular type of glass breaking – spontaneous shattering of sunroofs.

Plaintiffs claim that their sunroofs break without any apparent cause. The sunroofs are said to shatter because of the tempered glass in the vehicle. The plaintiffs claim that this type of glass will spontaneously explode if it is subjected to a slight amount of force, such as the wind or the movement of the car. If such an incident were to happen on the road, it could cause a car crash.

Some consumers claim they were denied coverage under warranty when their sunroof suddenly shattered. The sunroof allegedly shattered, resulting in expensive repairs that were paid out of pocket.

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