Did the Car Shipping Company Lose Your Car Key? What to Do In Such Situation

Although there is very little chance that any responsible car transporting company will ever lose your car key while shipping your but you cannot eliminate such a possibility. In case, such a situation ever arises then what are the alternatives available to you?

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When you hand over your car to any shipper then you also need to hand over your car key. The auto shipping company is expected to deliver the car to the destination along with the key too. There can also be a chance when your car must have arrived but the key to the car is not traceable.

Usually, most of the car transport companies must be having people who have sufficient experience to take care of such situation. They can surely help you out. While encountering any possibility of missing a key situation, the following are a few things that you can do.

  • Contact your main dealer of car

In such a situation, you can always visit your car dealer along with your ID proof and also with every other detail about your car including its chassis number, etc. Based on all your information they can order the key. On arrival of your key, they will then program it for your car. However, you may have to wait for a few days.

  • Call an auto locksmith

You need to find any auto locksmith in your area. They have a special skill to make another new key for you within a very short time by checking your lock. You need to wait for some time. They also have a special diagnostic tool to code your new key. This option can be a very quick one.

  • Source your key from eBay

In case, you want to save little cash then you may buy a blank key either from eBay or similar other online stores. You can prefer this choice if you are ready to remove your lock from the car. You may visit a shop of a good locksmith, who can take the lock apart and then cut your new key to fit.

  • Make a spare key while handing over

If you want to be a little pro-active then you can also choose to make a clone of the key of your car before you hand over the car to your car shipping company. This will be easily done at a reasonably low price too. In such a case, even the shipping company misses your key then you need not get concerned.

Such cases of losing key through a car shipping company are very rare, but you cannot eliminate the possibility either. So, the best thing will be to remain pro-active on your part and ensure that you have an additional key available with you.