Must-carry ATV Or UTV Essentials On an Adventurous Ride

People are using UTVs [Utility task vehicle] and ATVs [All-terrain vehicle] to reach off-beaten places for fishing or hunting adventures. ATVs or UTVs can navigate tough trails and even haul anything. They are power horses that need little maintenance. It does not matter if you own a quad or a side-by-side ride keep them geared up for emergency issues popping suddenly on the trail.

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Must-carry ATV or UTV essentials on an adventurous ride in the wilderness

Tow strap

If you are enjoying an ATV ride with other friends, someone is sure to need a tow at some point. Tow strap is also handy in several ways like moving a fallen tree or pull a deer stuck in wet mud.


Getting stuck in a muddy situation is frustrating. Winch helps to remove obstacles on the trails. With a winch, your UTV can be easily loaded on a truck or trailer. When used with snowplows, you can have your driveway regularly cleaned. Get a high-quality product because winch is generally applied in projects where possible failure can worsen the situation.

Tool kit

Every vehicle manufacturer includes a tool-kit, but it is good to add items with the pliers, screwdrivers, and wrenches.

  • Vise-grips are better than pliers because they can serve as door handles and loosen up the tightened nuts.
  • Duct tape is great.
  • Zip ties can help to repair a damaged driveshaft.
  • A small flashlight is handy to see problems tucked in the nooks of the machine.
  • Swiss army knife
  • Compass and map
  • Fire-starting items like waterproof matches, dry cotton balls, and butane lighter.

Tire plugs & air pumps

Stuck with a flat tie-up in the mountains, there is no way a truck can reach to your rescue. Simple patch kit and 12V air compressors are worthwhile. Patching holes in tubeless UTV or ATV tires is easy.

First-aid kit

Be prepared for unexpected scratches and injuries on the rugged terrain. It is better to have any kind of first aid kit than not having one.

Extra gas

Minor mechanical problems, flatties, getting stuck are things, which can be handled and you can return on a trail. Even with a flat tire, you can drive but run-out-of-gas means no solution but walk back. If your tank runs dry, many other things can get damaged. It is sensible to carry extra gas if the ride is long.