What Is Suspension Parameter Measurement Testing? Here’s An Overview

In context of vehicle testing, something called suspension parameter measurement often comes up. The purpose of this testing is to allow experts to simulate & recreate on-road behavior during “failure analysis”. Such forensic vehicle suspension parameter measurement testing is done for various requirements, but more frequently for investigating accidents and for development of new vehicles. In this post, we are discussing further on suspension parameter measurement.

The basics of suspension testing

A number of different methods are deployed for suspension parameter measurement, and it depends largely on the testing requirements and kind of actual situations that must be simulated. The simplest example of such testing would be to hold the vehicle in a steady position, while additional pressure is added to the suspension. Forensic engineers and testing experts rely on special equipment to control the force, and the results are noted for different situations. Besides the suspension, similar tests can be done to test other systems, like the steering, to know the functionality and performance of a vehicle under different circumstances.

Knowing more steering system testing

Much like suspension tests, steering can be also tested in similar environment. The impact of pressure, force and other parameters on vehicle function is noted. There are companies that specialize in steering system and suspension testing, and they rely on varied kinds of tools and equipment, to find necessary details. Both dynamic testing and static testing is done for steering system and suspension, so as to know if the vehicle is responding as expected. These pointers help the manufacturers in working on safety and other aspects like vehicle maneuvering, which can be handy for projects and launches in the future too.

Finding a service for vehicle testing

Whether it is about suspension parameter measurement testing or steering system testing, manufacturers must work with a company that has experience and expertise to handle diverse vehicles and models. They should have forensic engineers, testing experts, and other professionals, to test both small off-road vehicles, to large loading trucks. Manufacturers must also seek reports and detailed feedback of such tests, which can be useful for development, research, and legal matters. The testing requirements for vehicles also extends to aspects like safety checks, and if a company can handle comprehensive tests for vehicles across different categories, it is always an added advantage.

Check online now to find more on suspension& steering system test results, to know more on how the different measurements and parameters are noted.