What can auto shop management software do for you?

The availability of tools and resources to perform business functions is crucial to the actualization of (business) objectives. That said, it is no hidden truth that tools vary in their capabilities, and they could be regarded as the catalysts through which organizational development is ascertained. This line of thought does not appear to be lost on vendors like Tekmetric and a few others that have made available a tool such as the auto shop management software.

As you must have observed, this software was developed with the auto repair service provider in mind. Plus, you do not even have to have gone through any management studies in college to understand how it works. You will have the management of your auto shop in your hand – as you can conveniently follow up on happenings within your shop – if you’ve got this software installed.

So, how does this come in?

The core aspect that auto shop management software is designed to achieve is making sure that your operations flow smoothly – whether in the garage or administrative block. This, it does in a variety of ways that include [but definitely not limited to]:

Invoice management

Never again will you have to struggle with raising invoices for your customers as an SME auto shop operator with this software. It is incorporated with a feature that will help you generate the invoice for a particular repair order, and you can have same sent to your customer through in-app functionality – easy does it. Besides this, the software can also get to take of cost estimating for you as it draws data from available analytics – and in the end, gives an error-free estimate. Relatedly, for your enterprise accounting needs, you can turn to the QuickBooks app which is integrated into some of this software.


Managing relationship with your customers is also made easy with the auto shop management software. This is because of how you will be able to have your customer support attend to customers’ queries via the interface on the software. More so, customers can inform you of their repair needs through this software. All you may ask them for is a brief on the problem that needs to be addressed.

Task management

Once your customers’ repair order has been communicated, you can have the task assigned to a particular mechanic who takes it up from there. Apart from this, you can have weekly role assignments for all your employees presented on a page featured on the software. By this, keeping track of the performances of your employees will be much easier, and you will be able to fix any employee-related issues in a quick time.

Vehicle inspection

It is yet possible to utilize some of these applications in running some diagnostics on vehicles that are brought in for repair. This software has features that will ensure that the vehicle is accurately examined for you to proceed with the next steps of getting the spare parts and tools required to complete the repair job.

The aspects discussed above are just some of the ways auto shop management software can be of value to your business. There are other advantages that you can get from having one installed or integrated into your business setting.