Some Of The Ways You Can Boost The Range Of Your Electric Vehicle

Many people are apprehensive about switching to an electric vehicle and worry about the range they can achieve, especially if they regularly take long trips. However, there are things that you can do that can help maximise the range of your vehicle and get the most out of each charge. You will need to alter your driving style to do this but coupled with other things; it is possible to ensure you get to your destination without running out of power. Below are some of the things you can do to maximise the range of your electric vehicle when you first start driving a fully electric car.

Keep It Smooth

You will find that driving smoothly can help reduce the power you use, so you will not want to use too much gas when you start pulling away. Accelerate gently when you start, and you will preserve your batteries and help boost your maximum range.

Turn Down The Heat

When you are driving in winter, and it is cold outside, the heater in your car will use a lot of power. You will want to reduce the heat to preserve your batteries and ensure they do not use too much power, so you do not have to use an EV chargers app too often.

Turn Down The Air Conditioning

Likewise, when you are driving in the summer and the temperature is hot, you will want to turn down the AC in your car. The AC uses a lot of power and can significantly reduce the maximum range of your vehicle. However, be careful opening the window as this will cause drag, make your car less aerodynamic, and reduce your potential range.

Reduce Your Speed

You will also find that reducing your overall speed can help preserve the power in your batteries and ensure you do not have to look for somewhere to charge too often. According to the US Department of Energy, you can use as much as 14% less energy when you reduce your speed by ten mph, so it is worth doing.

Use Regenerative Braking

You will also want to use regenerative braking when driving your electric vehicle, which can help you recover some of the power you use. You should only use the brakes when you have to, and when you use regenerative braking, it sends power back to the batteries, helping you preserve their charge.

Inflate Your Tyres Correctly

You will also want to ensure that your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure, which will help your vehicle run more efficiently. It will also help avoid uneven wear on your tyres, so you will need to check the recommended PSI that the tyre manufacturer suggests you use.

Plan An Efficient Route

You will also want to ensure that you take an efficient route when driving your electric vehicle, which will help preserve the charge in your batteries. Use an internet-based navigation system, and it can also warn you about potential delays and traffic jams, so you can use an alternative route if you need to.