Information About the Profession of a Truck Driver

In the present economic situation, the career of a truck driver seems to be a better choice, where there is almost no threat of losing job and also offers a very good opportunity to get a very decent salary.

Plenty of CDL jobs in Buckeye are available and today almost 1.9 million people are working as truck drivers in USA as per the data available for the year 2016.

Let us try to get a bird’s eye view about the career opportunities available in truck driver’s profession.

  • Qualification needed

As such to become a truck driver, one does not need a great academic qualification or training. The person must be literate enough and should be aware about various rules and laws of the country.

Commercial vehicle driving training is necessary and for that necessary physical requirements and health conditions must be met so that necessary training can be provided to drive trucks in safe manner.

They also must have good communication and judgement skills to make decision while driving on the road.

  • Duties and responsibilities

The responsibilities and duties will be assigned by their employer based on their need, but in general a truck driver has to assume the following duties while driving trucks:

  • Must supervise and assist in the loading of the cargo goods so that it can be safely transported to its destination.
  • Check the safety conditions of the truck before driving on the road till the end of trip.
  • Follow all the road rules that are prescribed by the government while driving on the road. Sometime rules in certain areas may be quite strict too.
  • If on the road, any unusual things happen then he must immediately report that to his employer or the despatcher.
  • Keep proper record about his driving and the miles driven
  • Supervise and assist in safe unloading of all goods at the destination.
  • Maintain cleanliness of the truck and carry schedule repair and maintenance so that the truck may remain in presentable condition

  • Salary

Salary of the truck driver usually decided by the amount of experience he has got in truck driving. Also, it depends upon the company who has hired them.

Few good companies may offer better compensation as compared to any small company or group.

Any ordinary company may pay around $28,160 or $13.54 per hour. A medium company may pay salary of $43,680 which is $21 per hour.

Any top company may pay more than $65,260 or $31.37 per hour.